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Captain America Shield (frisbee)I was at Target the other day and somehow I ended up in the Halloween section. I noticed they had a Captain America costume for kids, but I don’t think it came with a shield. If your kid has his heart set on being Captain America this Halloween, you can make him a shield to complete the look. Take at look at the two shields I made this summer.

I made the first shield with an old frisbee-like toy. It had a velcro pad on one side for catching tennis balls. I popped off the rim and removed the velcro pad. Then I removed the straps (the black items you see in the photo). I used leftover latex paint to paint the pattern. I free-handed it, but I should have masked the pattern I wanted because it was hard for me to paint the circular pattern smoothly. It didn’t really matter because Spiderboy loves the shield. He even slept with it every night for a week.

After the paint dried, I put back the rim and black straps. If you use a frisbee, you can either cut a couple of slits to make your shield handle or use a glue gun to attach straps or a plastic handle.

Captain America Shield (front)I made the second shield with a broken plant saucer. The saucer was clear so I spray painted it with red Rust-Oleum gloss enamel. The glossy enamel gives the shield a real nice sheen. After letting it dried for a couple of days, I masked off the outer shield with newspaper. Then I spray painted the inner circle blue. For the white ring, I masked off the outer red ring with newspaper and the inner red/blue rings with a circular cardboard cutout. The cardboard didn’t produce a good seal so some of the white paint bled onto the red paint. It’s not too noticeable, but if you don’t want any paint overlap, then go to a craft store and purchase some masking material. (Note: Wait as long as possible before masking. I actually peeled off a small section of the paint when I removed the painter’s tape.)

Captain America Shield (back)I made the star out of a white envelope box and glued it onto the shield. You can also paint the star on, but I didn’t want to mask the shield again. I made the handle by hot gluing a frisbee-like toy (see first shield) to the back of the shield.

The second shield I made looks really sharp and I was worried Spiderboy might claim it for his own. But he likes his shield better. I think it’s because his shield is smaller and easier to play with it. So far Spiderboy has only taken my shield a few times.


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