Halloween Curtains


I bought a couple of Halloween table cloths at Dollar Tree. My thinking was that we could use them for our Halloween party. A few days later I found them in our bathroom (along with spider web all over our mirror). My wife turned the table cloths into shower curtains. She used safety pins to wrap the top of the table cloths around the curtain rod. This hack will also work for window curtains. You can pinned the table cloth around the window rod or on the existing curtains if you don’t want to take them down. So if you are looking for Halloween curtains, just buy a couple of cheap table cloths and pin them up. My wife is so clever.

Note: We don’t shower in the downstairs bathroom so I’m not sure how waterproof the table cloths are.

Halloween Curtains from table cloths


4 thoughts on “Halloween Curtains

  1. What fun! I’ve used things like that for shower curtains before – if you get a lot of water on your shower curtain, it usually will either get soaked or moldy, but a plastic liner will solve that, you can get them at Walmart and hang them inside on the same bar/hooks as the fabric. In fact, fabric stores have those rings with the clips on them which I have on our corner walk-in shower with the little bars coming out from the wall – I can change out the fabric anytime I like and I don’t have to mess with grommets or buttonholes or anything annoying, even sewing a pocket, not that it is that hard, but hey ;). When you have a little guy attacking…. urm….. trying to help you with the sewing machine and pedal, anything to lessen the amount of actual sewing time….

  2. My mom made real curtains out of bed sheets. My wife and I will need to learn to sew someday. We used the hooks with clips, but the kids keep pulling the curtains off. But they are easy to put back up!

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