Halloween skeleton pimpHalloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I’m actually a bit disappointed people don’t get Halloween off. I think it should be a two-day holiday like Thanksgiving. People should be able to party on Halloween night and kids should be able to stay up late. But work and school get in the way.

I love Halloween for many reasons. First, my birthday is a week before Halloween so it feels like the holiday is about me. I even get Halloween stuff for my birthday — like the skeleton pimp that my sister-outlaw gave me. Second, I love all the scary decorations. And so do my kids. People that come to our house are amazed that are kids are not scared of all the Halloween stuff we have. But the kids are use to it and think Halloween stuff are fun. My wife, on the other hand, is scare of the Halloween stuff and find all the noises they make both annoying and scary (especially at night).

Halloween spdier and skullsHalloween brings out the kid in me. I don’t normally like shopping, but I like to check out the Halloween items at stores. I like to press all the buttons to see what the Halloween things do. My kids love the displays too. We could play in the Halloween section for hours.

Then there’s all those wonderful costumes. My kids love the costumes too. If it was up to them, they would dress in Halloween costumes all year. I wish I had the money to buy all the cool costumes so the kids can play dress up all year long. But that’s just too expensive and by the time they go on clearance, most of the cool costumes are gone.

Mr BonesLet’s not forget about the haunted houses. I love them. But haunted houses are too scary for my wife and kids. It’s been a very long time since I have been in a haunted house. I can’t wait until the kids get older.

Halloween is also nice because it’s relatively inexpensive. I actually buy most of my Halloween stuff the week after Halloween and save them for the following year. Candy is the only thing you really need to buy before Halloween. Unlike Christmas presents, candy isn’t expensive.

Grimm ReaperFinally, there’s the leftover candies. After all the tricker treaters are gone, there’s always leftover candies. Yummy. Sometimes, my wife and I even skim off of our kids’ candies when they are asleep. But they don’t need to know that.


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