Fairy Room for Princess M


We play musical chairs with the rooms in our house. Princess M’s current room was the exercise room. Before that, the exercise room was a guest room that was never used. For some reason, the outlaws prefer to sleep on the couch downstairs. Spiderboy’s new room was Princess M’s old room, which was a nursery before that.

Before we moved Princess M into her new room (about a year ago), I put in track lighting. The browntone fixture looks like a bird with giant wings. The lamp shades have a warm orange-red glow when the lights are on. Yes, I know track lighting is normally mounted on the ceiling, but it was easier for me to run wires from a switch-conntrolled outlet to its current spot. If I mounted it on the ceiling, I would have to drill holes through multiple ceiling joists and I would have a lot of patching to do afterwards. BTW, if you’re going to mount track lighting to a wall, be sure to attach the track supports to wall studs. Wall anchors in drywall will not support the track light.

After a coat of creamy yellow paint, my wife decorated the room with fairies, butterflies, flowers, and dragonflies. The wall art are actually “wallies” purchased at Target. I don’t think Target actually sells them anymore. The last time I saw them, Target had them on clearance in their home improvement section. You could probably find them online by doing a search for wallies. Unlike the Spiderman wall stickers, the fairy wallies required using a wet towel to apply to the wall. If you have a choice, I would suggest the peel and stick kind. They are a lot easier to apply.

We didn’t know what to do with the space above the track light, so we placed my wife’s doll collection up there. Mommy Forever started collecting dolls when we first started dating. Most men make women swoon, but not me. Go on a date with me and you’ll start collecting dolls too. I have that kind of affect on women. Back to the dolls, as you can see in the first photo, one of the doll is missing. That’s the drawback to putting stuff up there — you have to get a ladder if something falls off.

Princess M loves her fairy room. But after we finished the Spiderman room, Princess M said she wants me to paint her room pink and purple. Spiderboy’s room has two colors and she wants two colors too. Create a Spiderman room and Spiderboy wants a Nemo room. Create a fairy room and Princess M wants a pink and purple room. Why do I even bother?

track lighting

fairy room

fairy wallies

dragonfly wallies


5 thoughts on “Fairy Room for Princess M

  1. LOL you have the decorating bug!! When we moved in here, it’s the first place we had actually been able to paint in about 8 years, so it is all colors of the rainbow! I just need to paint our bedroom yet, every other wall is NOT white ;). It’s cute – I want to do something more with Lil’ Duck’s room soon, he needs a bed and things like that first tho ;).

  2. i love the princess room, and am doing a fairy room for my daughter. is it possible for you to email me more pictures of the fairies and creatures… my brother is going to stencil for her room, and i love your pics… thank you~!

    1. I’ll take some more pics soon and post them online. Then I’ll send you the url. You can right click on the image to save it. The files are too large to send via email.

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