Spiderman Room for Spiderboy


[8/2/07 Update: I wrote this post almost a year ago, but I’m still get hits on it. Based on people’s comments, I decide to update it a little.]

Spiderman theme roomLook at Spiderboy’s new room. It use to be the nursery, but it’s his room now. I painted the walls grenadine red (S-G-180D) and cerulean blue (560B-7D). I used Behr paint purchased at Home Depot. You can usually get paint on sale during holidays like Labor Day, President’s Day, Memorial Weekend, July 4th, and a few other holidays. Actually, if I had to do it all over again, I would either buy cheaper paint (I normally prefer to use a high quality paint so I don’t have to paint again down the road) or paint the room in a neutral color. The reason? Spiderboy will eventually out-grow this room, which means I have to repaint the room again unless I used a neutral color. In fact, a day after I showed him his new room, Spiderboy said he wants me to return his Spiderman room. He wants a Nemo room now.

[Update: If you are going to use the Behr grenadine red, you will most likely need to prime the walls first. I didn’t use primer and after two coats, I could still see where the roller overlapped. Ideally, you should use red primer, but there’s usually only enough room in the can to tint the primer pink. You might also need to use primer for the cerulean blue. I can see overlaps after one coat of the blue. I had enough leftover blue to apply a second coat if I wanted to, but the overlap wasn’t as noticeable as the red. After you stick on the border and wall stickers, the overlaps are even less noticeable.]

spider web for Spiderman roomThe wall border ($10 for 15′ roll) and stickers ($12) were purchased at Sears. I only needed three sets because of the window and closet. Don’t get real wall paper border unless you want to keep the border forever. They are too hard to remove. Instead use the peel and stick kind. They are removable, repositionable, don’t need glue, and won’t peel off the paint. The border sticks fairly well. However, a few of the wall stickers have started to come off. But all you have to do is press down on them again.

[Update: If you have little toddlers in the house, you should place the wall stickers out of their reach. Our little monkey has been peeling them off and crumpling them up in her hand.]

Mommy Forever actually painted the spider and web. I used a laser level to help her draw the straight lines. She did all the rest herself — including the Spiderman head above the closet. Mommy Forever is the artist in the family. I’m just the geek sexy stud.

Spiderman comforter and pillowWe also purchased a Spiderman comforter ($27) and pillow ($13) for him at K-mart. They didn’t have any twin sheet sets in stock. Currently, there’s only two retailers in my area that carry Spiderman bed sets.

Now that I have the room mostly completed, Spiderboy wants a Spiderman lamp. Apparently, he doesn’t think the Tweety lamp (from the old nursery) belongs in his Spiderman room. Of course, no one sells the Spiderman lamp anymore. Unless I go online, the lamp will have to wait until Spiderman 3 comes out next May.

[Update: You can get the Spiderman lamp, bed set, wall stickers, and borders at Target now. The lamp is in the same area as the bed set, but the border and wall stickers are located in the home improvement section.]


34 thoughts on “Spiderman Room for Spiderboy

  1. Wow, this is amazing! So creative!

    What did you use to paint the spiders? (Asking because soon will be decorating a toddler room, and want to draw all kinds of planes against a light blue background… we are obsessed with planes…)

  2. Vasilisa,

    We used leftover black latex paint to paint the spider and web. My wife painted it free hand with a small artist brush. Latex is good for painting walls, but you’re better buying paint at a craft store for painting things like spiders and planes.

  3. Go to Walmart or Family Dollar stores. They have the spiderman head as a lamp. The price range from $9.99 to $12.99. I am doing my son room in spiderman for Christmas this year. The red sheet set and valance also look good with the comforter set I got. I just kept the room a neutral color. I’m going to use the removeable spiderman stickers and big posters to decorate the room. I also painted all his bedroom furniture black. It’s going to like great once I put the spiderman items in it.

    1. I am pulling my hair trying to decide which paint color(s) i should choose. Which neutral color(s) did you use to paint the spiderman room?

  4. Thanks, Tarsha. I’ll try the Dollar Store. Walmart is too far (about 40 miles round trip). You’re smart to use neutral colors. I’m not looking forward to repainting that room again when my son outgrows Spiderman.

  5. I got the Spiderman peel and stick at Sears. They are in the paint section.

    I think I saw them at Toysrus too when I was Christmas shopping, but I didn’t stop to look to see if they were peel and stick. Over in the bedding/home decor area.

  6. hi u can get the stickers at walmart or purchase wallies on ebay tey also have a huge variety or real spiderman lamps also the night lamps i am in the process now of doing my sons room whew its taken me 3 weeks so far so good luck i also purchased from ebay a spiderman tv /dvd combo player

  7. What color primer did you use for the red?
    I have heard that a grey primer works well, but Home Depot suggested a primer with half the color of the red.
    Excellent room and I will be using your colors for my son’s room.
    Thank you.

    1. I didn’t prime first, but I should have. I had to put two coats of the red and I can still see where the roller overlaps. I have mixed feelings about tinting primer. I prefer to use white primer so the leftover primer can be used elsewhere. But if I was going to tint the primer, I would tint it with the red. That way, if you miss a few small spots, it won’t be as noticeable as the grey primer.

      1. I tried to paint my room with the colors you have suggested without the primer. After using four coats of the red and one and a half gallons later, I finally came to terms with the fact that I screwed up. Everything that was patched or touched up came through the paint. So after a couple of days work wasted, I started from scratch all over again. I painted everything with the primer grey. The only thing bad about the primer grey is it took away the brightness of the red, but two coats of red later and I was done. The blue covers so much better that you could actually get away with one coat if you had to. We used two coats, since we had a whole gallon.
        We are in the process of painting the trim and applying the border that we purchased from Walmart. Next we will apply the stickers that we also purchased from Walmart.
        I appreciate everybodys comments that were posted. I wish I would of read about the tinted primer before I applied the grey primer. The red was much more vibrant when I painted it over the original white walls. The only draw back to that is that it will have a “Pepto-Bismol” effect. You will see white dots bleeding through. And no matter how many times you coat it, it will not go away completely. I tried four coats, before I through the towel in.
        I hope this helps somebody so they do not suffer from defeat like I have. Also, the gallon of red from home depot cost about $23 a gallon for an egg shell finish. I ended up using three gallons of the red when I actually needed only one and a half for a 12 X 12 room. Our walls are split in half from top to bottom with chair rail moulding. The top is done in red the bottom is done in blue. The moulding is going to be done in white. The ceiling is done in a brilliant white ceiling paint.
        Well good luck to all!!

  8. I KNOW this post is sooooo late in coming, but I just did my 3 year old’s “big boy” room in a race car theme, complete w/ red race car bed & raceway mural….however, I started off with a dark blue (mainly because it was already there & I LOVED it), but it also looked good w/ his theme. He liked it, be he too was like, “Let’s change it again..”. Shortly there after, I changed the dark blue to a sky/baby blue & I realized how much MORE the strong red, black & racing gold POPPED w/ the lighter shade! It NOW looks much more appropriate for him, lighter happier & for him, LESS “spooky at night”. Although, I do have to agree with him, the darker blue DID look a bit cravernous at night w/the night light shadows!! Your son’s room looks AWESOME, GO SPIDERMAN!!! It will be the theme to my son’s next birthday party! I’m just saying, what artistically looks good to US, as adults, may be a bit daunting to our little people. THE day I changed the shade of blue in his room, he said, “thank you Mommy for making my room brighter”! I think your Spiderman designs would “pop” even more on a much lighter wall. Staying within the blue & red theme, but just a bit more toned down. A light blue in this room would make it less shocking and the Spiderman face above the (closet?) would also stand out more, as would the smaller Spiderman details! Plus, think if you were your son’s age, I’m guessing pretty young since, “it used to be the nursery”. Imagine being in there at night, pretty dark, even with a night light, looking up and seeing those two eyes in the shadows has GOT to be a bit scary for a young one!? I think I’d be a little spooked myself & I’m 36! :) all kidding aside, it’s just my opinion. Good luck!

    1. Sounds like you’ve been busy. If I had to do it over again, I would have used neutral colors like an off-white. I’m not looking forward to re-painting the room again when my son’s too old for a Spiderman room.

  9. AWESOME!!! I am redoing the spiderman room we already have. I know the painting can be a hassle later, but I’m big on color walls. It is soooo boring to have neutral. Maybe lighten it a bit like Liz suggested. I am sure that by now, 2013, you have moved from spiderman. LOL… I need your wife to come freehand that web. I tried to make it out of yarn… not so cute. LOL…

    Thanks for posting

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  11. Hey. M painting a spiderman picture on my 3 yrs old son rooms wall. I want to know which painta to use.. Acrylic? Water paints or what? Also how to thin out an acrylic paint..might sound dumb but m clueless..thanks

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