Bored with School

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When Princess M woke up this morning, she asked me if she should stay home from school. Our whole family has been sick for almost two weeks now. Not sure if Princess M got something from a kid at school or if it’s the weird weather we have been having around here. Two weeks ago, we were in the mid 80’s. Then a day or two later, Fall came. It rained and only made it to the 60’s for about a week. Then just like that we’re back in the mid 80’s. It has been in the 80’s for almost a week now. It’s suppose to be in the low 70’s this time of year in the Pacific Northwest.

Sorry for the tangent, back to Princess M and her asking if she should stay home from school. This is not like her. Just last year, she threw a fit whenever we kept her home because she was sick. Princess M likes to go to school. She even told me many times that she wish she could go to school every day.

I think Princess M is starting to realize first grade isn’t like kindergarten. First, she’s in school for six and a half hours now instead of two and a half. Second, none of her friends from her kindergarten class is in her new class. Third, she had a very warm and fuzzy kindergarten teacher and her first grade teacher isn’t like that. Fourth, the class work is a little harder. Finally, we also enrolled Princess M in Chinese school on Saturdays. It’s only one hour a week, but she has to practice at home.

I think all this stuff is finally taking a toll on her. Imagine that, being bored with school at the age of six. Luckily, Princess M regained her passion and went to school today.


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  1. hi im ladie and ur story is kool i believe that this princess m uses her common since so there for makes the right decicion for a first grader its pretty easy to like school as well as kinder im in the seventh but when i was in kindergarten i loved school as well now its difficult and gets u down and tired. anywayzzz,… thanks 4 reading

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