Curious George DVD Specials

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Curious George DVDCurious George is coming out on DVD today. George reminds me of my son, Spiderboy. They are both cute, playful, want to explore their surrounding, and always get into trouble. If the DVD was released closer to Christmas, I would hide it and give the DVD to my son as a present. But three months is just too long for me to hide it. Princess M likes to snoop and will eventually find it.

As many of you know, the first week (Tuesday through Saturday) offers the best deals unless you are willing to wait six months or longer. After six months, you can probably get the DVD for under $15. If you wait at least a year, you can probably get it for $10 or lower. But the first week normally offers extra stuff. For instance, Best Buy is giving away a Curious George plush toy, K-mart is giving away a sun shield for your car, and Circuit City is offering three song downloads from the soundtrack. Here are the prices various retailers are charging for the Curious George DVD:

  • Amazon: 15.98 (aff links: wide screen or full screen)

  • Fry’s Electronics: 15.99

  • Circuit City: 16.99 plus 3 free song downloads from the soundtrack

  • Fred Meyer: 16.99 (with $3 off coupon) plus free popcorn

  • Best Buy: price not advertised ($16.99 online), includes free Curious George plush toy

  • K-Mart: price not advertised, includes free Curious George sun shield for car

  • Target: price not advertised (probably 16.99)

  • Sears: price not advertised

  • Costco: price not advertised (19.49 online)

Circuit City, Best Buy, and Sears offer price matching. However, generally, you can’t get the extra stuff when you price match. I’m not sure what they would do if the extra is shrink-wrapped with the DVD.


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