School Returns, Quiet Returns

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Princess M first day as a 1st graderPrincess M started first grade last week. Unlike last year, she will be in school for six and a half hours every day. In kindergarten, she only went to school for two and half hours a day. She also gets to eat lunch away from us every day now. That’s a big change for her. I hope she eats her lunch faster than she does at home. The school is over-crowded so the kids eat lunch in 25-minute shifts. I worry about her. Six and half hours is a long time for her to be away from us. On top of that, none of her friends from her kindergarten class are in her first grade class. Princess M only has two or three “boys” from her old class.

Even though I miss my little girl, I do appreciate how quiet it has gotten at home when she’s in school. Spiderboy Z, who is louder than both his sisters combined, is actually very mellow when his big sister is at school. When they play together, Spiderboy is really, really loud. And they always get in fights over the silliest things. This of course leads to loud screaming and crying, which in turn leads to time-outs, which leads to even louder screaming and crying. Oooooh, how I love the quiet around here when big sister is in school. Does this make me a bad daddy?


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  1. Just came across this older post of yours. This made me think back to when my kids went off to first grade and all day school. My daughter, the older of the two, had always loved preschool and organized school in general, but I wasn’t sure how she would handle being away from home for almost 7 hours. She made the leap without a hitch.

    My son, being the baby, was very attached to me, and I was VERY nervous about how he would handle being away from home all day and eating lunch at school. I was surprised that of the two kids, HE was the one who adjusted more easily.

    Now, he’s in second grade, and just when I think he’s okay with this all-day school thing, he’s reverted back to this baby self at times, wanting to stay home with me “just because” (his words).

    I love the peace and quiet while they’re both gone, though, and there are days when I don’t even turn on music. The silence in the house and the sounds of the neighborhood are wonderful!

    (And, no, I don’t think that makes us bad parents.)

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