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For several days now, we have been weaning Toddler K from breast milk. Toddler K threw a big crying fit on the first day, but she seems to be doing much better now. Every once in a while she tries to pull up mommy’s shirt to feed, but she seems to be getting use to being cut off from breast milk.

All bets are off at night. Every time Toddler K wakes up, she wants breast milk. For over a year now, Mommy Forever’s secret to getting baby back to sleep has been breast feeding. Now her trick has come back to haunt her me. Toddler K now expects breast milk when she wakes up at night. When she doesn’t get it, she cries and cries and cries. Oh, how that child can cry!

When we weaned our first two children, I sent my wife to another room and slept with the kids. Princess M only had one bad night and Spiderboy didn’t care if he got breast milk or not. He was so easy. Like a fool, I once again sent my wife to another room while I slept with Toddler K. Oh, what a big mistake! First, I’m not exactly Toddler’s K favorite person at night. Now add weaning on top of that. Then add no mommy on top of that. In Toddler’s K mind, I’m the villain behind all this. In Toddler’s K mind, I must be punished. I must not sleep. I must hold her while she slept. I must not be allowed to sit down or lie down. I must suffer as she suffers. I am evil.

I don’t get it. It only took one night to wean Princess M and it was virtually instantaneous for Spiderboy Z. Why is it so hard to wean Toddler K? It has been five days now and I am not looking forward to tonight.


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  1. Hi… My son is 2 and a half… He is breastfed.. and like your wife, its a bedtime thing! Its for going to sleep and getting him back off to sleep. Again, Daddy is no favorite at bedtimes… I really want to stop bfeeding now. He used to just feed then sleep, almost instantly, but now he messes around and plays me like a fiddle because he and I know he cant sleep without it. The other night he had the worlds longest ‘made up’ story and fell asleep without milk, however it didnt work last night and he threw a major paddy. Any tips you wanna throw my way would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. oh my son is now 2 years old and 4 months and i`m still trying to wean him,actually i get addicted to breast feeding more than him,last week i didn`t feed him like 13 hours we wnet outside in day off and my husband told me it`s good now wean him don`t give him the breast that`s it,i told him yes you`re right,then i started crying i felt so bad that night time he came to me and rying to take my shirt up and get the breast then i gave it to him.now it`s not like before i feed him sometimes morning but mostly he needs it night time when he wakes up at 2.00 am or 5.00 am.but sincerely i get tired and i need to have a surgery on my eye so i must wean him but i just was asking if it`s ok to stop one time feeding and if i do will my breast get engorged or not that much ,and if they do get engorged what i do cold compresses or what??thank you for your story…god bless..

  2. Hello Raichel,

    Not sure what to tell you. Each kid is different. It’s not easy. Some people prefer to wean gradually like no breast milk during the day, but still breast feed at night. Once the kid gets use to that routine, they then get weaned off at night. We preferred to just go cold turkey and just get it over with. It was fairly easy with our first two kids, but our youngest one had the hardest time. For over a week, she cried at night because she wanted breast milk. But we didn’t give in. She eventually falls asleep. Harder with a two and half year old boy full of energy. It use to take me over two hours to tuck my son in, but now I can tuck him in about 30-45 minutes. It’s still longer than I want, but much better than 2+ hours. After dinner, we take him to an open field and let him run and run and run. So by bed time, he’s tired.

  3. Hi Daddy Forever, I have a two year old. She can’t sleep without breast milk. At night she wakes up at least 10 times to nurse for couple minutes and then fall back to sleep. We wake each other up so much. Yesterday I just left her to sleep in my room and went to another room to sleep. I got couple hours of solid sleep but it is a rarity. Í’ve been thinking of trying to get her off breast milk and get her to drink more whole milk. She drinks whole milk but only when she is having her meals. She takes little sips here and there and I am worried that once she comes off of breast milk, she will not get enough calcium. We try to get her to eat a bit of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products, but she is not much of a fan. Any suggestions? You input would be of great help.

    1. You can try mixing yogurt, cheese and other dairy products with other food that she likes. Perhaps in a milk shake. I think there might also be kids vitamins with calcium you can try.

    2. I am in the same boat as you, Susan, and I am tired. Baby F is only 18 months, but I want to wean her. She doesn’t drink much other milk either, but I hope it will improve if I am successful. Have you been having any luck? With this being cold and flu season, I would like to wean her so we can both rest better. Anyone else have advice? A bottle or pacifier don’t seem to be helping. Will this trauma be damaging to her later?

  4. hi daddy forever,

    I have a strong 20month old who just wont get off the breasts.his dad wants him weaned but wont help at all complains of tiredness every time. i actually left him with grandma for a week to try to wean him but he literally beats me in the night for it. we don’t have much trouble during daytime since i work but we are both tearful at night. i have to pat him to sleep each time but it just doesn’t work.please help

    1. The only think I can suggest is sleep in a different room and make your husband deal with the baby at night until he is weaned. If your husband won’t help, then you’ll have let your son cry. You can also try leaving your son with grandma longer and see if that helps. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  5. hello forever,

    my little girl “S” is coming up on her first birthday in a couple weeks. I would like to have her weaned by then or shortly after. I’ve gotten her down to just a couple of feedings during the day but the nights are terrible! After I get her to sleep she goes into her crib. After a few hours she’s screaming for the boob. She shares a room with my hubby and I so I just pick her up and bring her in our bed to feed. She stays there for the rest of the night suckling as she pleases. Bad habit I know. Cant leave her with my hubby at night as he wakes up very early for a very physical job and really needs his sleep. I’m ready for my bed and boobs back. HELP!

    1. You’ll just have to let her cry at night (you and your husband might have to sleep in another room). It’s hard to do, but your girl will eventually stop demanding milk at night. That was the case with all our kids.

  6. Hi,
    I had some trouble with my first child who coslept with me -demanding for 45 min at bedtime, then sleeping on the floor when weaned at 2 1/2.
    But my second child is 13 mo, and will scream for 90 min if not tired and nursed to sleep. music does help her, checking up is not allowed or she starts over again.
    I did find that if I feed her baby rice cereal before bedtime to fill her up – then she only wakes up once in the middle of the night, instead of every 2 hrs insisting on feeding.
    I do find with squirmy but tired toddlers that Holding them down can shorten the falling asleep time alot. I remember holding the hips and shoulder of my older child while she tried to buck and squirm to stay awake – after 10 min they are falling asleep some.

  7. I have the same problem with a busy 2.5 years old son. Last night was the first night I tried to say no to my breastmilk. It was hell, I gave in at 11o’clock at night, but found that holding him in my arms, swaying, humming quietly helped to calm him down. We live on a hill and have a lovely view of the night city lights. I found that showing him the lights did help a bit. I will try the : get him running around to get tired routine after dinner to get him tired. Also if he doesn’t get it at lunch time he refuses to sleep in a day so I drive him around in my car which sometimes makes him fall asleep, or let my nanny put him in his pram and walk around ( this must be done by someone else and not the mommy as if he knows its mommy he will cry for Titty !) – Thanks a lot , any advice is really apreciated!

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