Doctor Cheerleader

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My daughter is getting older every day. Before the school year started, Princess M was going to live with us forever. She wasn’t going to get marry or have kids. A few months ago, Princess M said she wants to be a cheerleader. Now that the school year is over, she tells us that she wants to be a cheerleader and a doctor so she can help kids too. Princess M said Mrs. G, her kindergarten teacher, is both a teacher and a mom. Princess M then concludes that she too can be both a cheerleader and a doctor.

I know exactly what is going on in Princess M’s head. She thinks she can dress up as a cheerleader when she treats sick kids. I can just imagine parents taking their kids to see the doctor and discover the doctor is wearing a cheerleader outfit. I can also hear Princess M chanting, “I can make you better, yes I can. If I can’t make you better, nobody can. Gooooooooo Doctor M!”


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