No Father’s Day Present

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My kids are young and I do not expect a lot from them on Father’s Day. However, I was hoping they would act at least a little bit different today. No such luck. I was already tired from the two birthday parties on Saturday — including one with about 50 people at our house. So after having lunch at my parents’ house, I told Princess M to put her toys in her bag because we had to go soon for another birthday party. She said not yet because she was still playing with her new toys. I told her again. Again she said not yet. After this went on for 30 minutes or so, Spiderboy Z and I left the house for the car. Then Princess M started screaming and crying.

After she got in the car, Princess M started screaming at Spiderboy Z because he said, “We’re not going to the park today. We’re going to a birthday party.” What is wrong with her? She’s six years old now and knows today is my day. Why can’t she be nice to her brother for one day? Why can’t she do what I tell her on my special day? That would have been a great Father’s Day present — one day of good behavior from my kids. Sadly, I did not get such a present. Not even close.


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