Don’t Sleep in my Bed

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When my two-year old son wakes up at night, he looks for me in my home office. If I’m not there, he looks for me in the master bedroom. He’s so quiet that I barely hear him on the baby monitor. I open my eyes and he’s standing next to me. I get out of bed and take him back to his room. I use to tuck him back in and then return to my bed. Now that I work until one in the morning, I’m too tired to get back up and I end up sleeping the rest of the night/morning with my son. If I go back to my bed, Spiderboy wakes up two hours later and I have take him back to his room again. Its just easier to stay put.

What’s really interesting about this is that when Spiderboy comes into our bedroom, he doesn’t crawl into bed with my wife and I. On the other hand, our five-year daughter does crawl into bed with us when she wakes up at night. Half of the time, Princess M is in bed with us when Spiderboy comes in. Sometimes baby too! I don’t know if Spiderboy can see baby in bed with us, but he definitely sees Princess M, mommy, and daddy in bed together. Shouldn’t he want to sleep with us too? Don’t get me wrong, the bed is already too crowded and I don’t want Spiderboy sleeping with us too. But wouldn’t it be more normal for him to want to join us instead of going back to his room (where he woke up all alone)?

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. If Spiderboy wants to crawl into bed with us in the future, I’ll have to ban all the kids. Our bed just isn’t big enough for five people.


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