The Unpatriotic Dad

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Yesterday was Memorial Day. A special day for remembering loved ones whom are no longer with us. For me, it was also a special day to be thankful my kids are too young to be in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope they will never be part of any war. I’m not unpatriotic and I do love America. I feel the way that I do for a simple reason: I want my kids to live.

I understand that our kids don’t have to go to war to die young. They can die from fires, car accidents, or plane crashes. However, the probability of our kids dieing young are significantly higher if they go to war. No one can convince me this is not the case. While its true that many veterans have returned home safe and sound, others have not been as lucky and returned home in body bags. I don’t want my kids to come home in body bags.

For those of you who support the war, I am not accusing you of not loving your kids. We each have our own comfort level and I am just not comfortable with my kids going to war. I rather they live as average people than returned home as dead heroes. Yes, I am very selfish in that regard. Perhaps I should add selfish to my list of why I am a bad daddy.

I dread the day when my kids turn 18 and hope there isn’t a war for them to join. Would I support them if they joined the military? Sure. I wouldn’t like it and I would do my best to change their minds. I would also question if they were mature enough to make that decision. Each kid matures at a different rate. How do we know if our kids are mature enough to make that decision? In most states, kids are not allowed to drink beer until they are 21 years old. So why are they allowed to go to war when they are only eighteen? Does this make sense? You’re not old enough to drink beer, but you’re old enough to die in a war.

Sometimes things just doesn’t make any sense. To me, joing a war doesn’t make any sense and I don’t want my kids to be a part of it. I’m not unpatriotic. I just want my kids to live. Is this too much for a parent to ask for?


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