I Want my Daughter Back


Over the weekend, my daughter was talking about her friends. She kept going on and on about them so I asked her if she loved them more than me. I was just teasing her, but at the same time I was curious. She told me she loved her friends as much as me. My daughter, at only five years of age, broke my heart.

When I asked her if she wanted to live with her friend instead of us, she said OK. I was expecting her to say no. Before Princess M started kindergarten this school year, she told my wife and I that she was going to live with us forever. She didn’t want to get marry and didn’t want to start her own family. What happened to that girl? The girl that has taken my daughter’s place looks like Princess M, but she doesn’t act like her.

Princess M has changed so much during the school year. It seems like it was just yesterday when I use to drive her to and from school. Now she takes the bus so she can hang out with her friends. I remember hearing about a parent who was replaced by Google (for homework). At least Google is a multi-billion dollar company. I’ve been replaced by five year olds.

I want my real daughter back. The one that lives with us now is a clone or one of those pod-things from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. She looks like my daughter, but she’s not. My real daughter would never break my heart. I missed the old Princess M. I want daddy’s little girl back.


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  1. Mam,
    Be happy. I lost my only, beatiful, lovely daughter 10 weeks ago.
    I need her to be here, even if she hates me. I want her to be alive.

  2. Seems like you are a little possesive. You need a healthier mental state concerning your children. Would you rather she was a social outcast and have no friends.. only you?

  3. I just happened to come across this and I must say that I agree with Lilly. It seems like you lack some balance between being a doting parent and being one that promotes independence. She is 5 man, let it go. She doesn’t know what it is to love anyone. Yes, even you. She knows that her friends offer her an exploration into developing relationships with others. Believe me. My daughter is in the 2nd grade and when she was in Kindergarten she told me that she wanted to live with her friend, but she wouldn’t change her last name because she didn’t want me to feel bad, and that I could come and visit her anytime I wanted to. The next year she told me that she wanted to go away to boarding school so that she could live with her friends at school. This year she told me that she wanted to go to medical school in California (when it’s time for her to go to college, of course) and come home to have dinner with me every night; by the way we live in NJ. In fact, my daughter at this point doesn’t even like spending the night over anyone else’s house. I promise, you’ll be amazed at how quickly things change with children. If you show them love, guidance, and allow them some freedoms, the return will be remarkable. Unfortuneately, I can’t say that it will always be perfect; we just have to try our best.

  4. For what I have done, I don’t know why. But for what I miss, the answer is “too much”. I miss my daughter. Never in my lifetime, before now, I thought it would affect me so much. I miss her laugh, I miss her running around, I miss her crying, I miss her putting her head on my shoulder. I want her back. And, I cant live without her. That’s all I want. I want my daughter back. I want my daughter back more than anything else.

  5. I wish my dad was like that, i havent seen him since i was 4 years old. I wonder if he ever thinks of me..
    Its nice to know ou have a dad who cares :)

  6. i have a magor question on what to do and how to get my daughter back.. i asked her father to take care of her untill i got back on my feet so i can give her a better life but i never got the chance because he took me to court for custoy n because i didnt have a job he was granted primary custody n i get her on the weekends…one weeken i have her f-sun n the other weekend f-mon..i dred when i have to bring her back because everytime she crys screams n fights with me when i try to get her dressed to go to her fathers house.. she yells n screams i want to stay with you i dont want to go to daddys i hate daddy..of course i tell her you dont hate daddy hes your daddy but it breaks my heart to see her cry.. when i finally get to her fathers house she wont let me leave she wraps her arms n les around me and starts to sry n tells me she doesnt want me to leave she wants me to stay with her but all i can do is say i love her n ill see her on friday..i have to hold myself back from crying untill i get into the car because i dont want to leave her there…i want her to stay at my house =.. i dont know what to do..can anyone help me please i just want my daughter back living with me…i am afraid for her …..dont get me wrong hes a wonderful father but there has to be a reaon why she acts like that everytime when i bring her back to his house… there is alot more to this story but i dont know if this page will allow me to write it all.. i just want my lil girl back home…..please help…. anyone ….. thank you

  7. Where do you live? I am from NJ. I have a similar issue. I gave up my parental rights in ’05. DYFUS was all over my wife and I and were threatening adoption. I was an addict and couldn’t get clean. Antway my mother in law stepped in and adopted my daughter. My wife and I were supposed to straighten out and get on our feet and we would have our daughter back. that was the plan between my mother and law and us. I’ve been clean since July2,2007, going to school and working. My mother in law refuses to let my wife and I see our daughter. thank God my family (brother & sister-in law and cousins) gets to see her a couple times a month. I have an appointment May4th with a lawyer to see what my options are. They are very slim if any at all but i will let you know May5th what the lawyer tells me and maybe that will help you make a decision on what to do.

    Stay strong..God bless..

  8. be thankful she’s still in your life. my daughter was taken away from me when her mother left just because I got sick and couldn’t get better right away. now i’m damn lucky if I see her once or twice a year. she’s a huge part of me and her being gone leaves a hole the size of the grand canyon.

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